site utilities



From taps to bores to mainline work and valves, we help our customers get water when they need it. In addition, we offer all types of sewer main lines and service laterals using the most modern techniques for efficiency and effectiveness. Our storm drainage crews install all types of pipe, curb inlets, drop inlets, structures, precast bridges and box culverts.

Both large and small construction projects will benefit from the water, sewer, and storm drain utilities we can provide. We can offer quick service to broken water lines without the involvement of another company. E.R. Lewis Construction services encompass all aspects of water, sewer, and storm drainage work.


Our top-of-the-line water and sewer equipment also allows us to install electrical conduits and communication lines on a job site whether residential, commercial, or industrial. After this important step is accomplished, wiring and pole work can be done by electrical and communication municipal contractors. Our team applies the same fundamentals of maximizing cost effectiveness and brings the same level of dedication to electrical and communication work as we do to other aspects of site preparation.



Our clients demand the best curb appeal possible. Again, a clean, attractive job site indicates the quality of the work being done there. So, we use the latest technologies in irrigation systems and a talented landscape design/build team to turn every job site into a showplace for trees, shrubs, mulch, seedlings or sod. These efforts adhere to our high ecological standards and give our clients the opportunity to impress their neighbors even before construction is finished. To accomplish this, E.R. Lewis Construction uses the latest Best Management Practices (BMP) for the state of North Carolina.