Consulting & Estimating



E.R. Lewis Construction offers our clients a high level of value-engineering consultation services. Clients can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by employing value engineering. Value engineering is the practice of identifying and removing unnecessary expenditures on the job site to increase the property's value and minimize the cost of service. Clients can count on our years of process and investment experience to help them maximize value engineering.

Because of this experience, local engineers, surveyors, owners and even other construction firms who use value engineering to save their client's money tap our consulting team for advice they use and respect. This valuable service is offered at no charge.


We provide our clients with quick turnaround estimating services that offer projections of dirt take-off, haul rates, load counts, concrete pipe usage and other factors on the job. We can do this thanks to the use of time-tested scales and calculators along with up-to-the-minute computerized digitizers, 3-D graphics and spreadsheets. With these incredible resources, our estimating team is ready to offer an accurate time and cost projection at any time. We'll carefully measure our client's needs and the costs of a job and quickly give them an estimate they can count on.